About Batie & Company Capital Management, LLC


Batie & Company Capital Management, LLC is a fully independent financial planning and asset management company.

Our experience began in 1994 with one of the largest financial institutions.  In 2013, we went independent which enabled us to offer products and services based on your needs without any conflict or distraction.

Our first and foremost purpose is to know and understand your complete financial picture.  Whether your goals are short term, intermediate, long, or like many investors, a combination of all three, it is of utmost importance that we understand them all.  Communication with you on a regular basis will enable us to maintain a portfolio for you that, over time, will continue to match your objectives.

We dedicate significant resources to deliver the transparency and service you deserve.

This includes:

  • Access to Orion Advisor Servies which enables you to view daily performance and allocation of your portfolio.
  • Access to eMoney planning service which enables you to view your financial plan, assets and liabilities on a daily basis.

We believe our clients should understand investment basics and the risks and returns to be expected.  We invest as much time as necessary with you to be certain that you have the understanding you need to invest with a high degree of confidence and comfort.  You can find many educational resources on our website under the resources tab.

We continually seek to offer the best in education, tools and technology so we can be your advisor for life.


William (Bill) S. Batie


Batie and Company Capital Management