Portfolio Management

Portfolio management is a skill that allows us to appropriately match your objectives with suitable investments.

We are committed to:

  • Engaging with you thoroughly so we clearly know and understand your expectations.
  • Knowing and understanding ALL traditional investment vehicles available, along with the inherent risk, time horizon, expected returns and expected volatility of each.
  • Investing in technology that enables us to follow, screen and manage each investment in your portfolio.
  • Providing tools that enable you to follow performance and allocation on a daily basis.

We construct objective-based portfolios with a measured, yet simple approach:

  • For income investors, we build a fixed income ladder made up of individual bonds which in turn minimizes interest rate risk, reinvestment risk and maturity risk.  As an income investor, it is important for you to know what you are going to get and when you are going to get it, hence the name, fixed income.
  • For growth investors, we build portfolios with common stocks, ETF's and Mutual Funds that are congruent with your risk tolerance and time horizon.  Our understanding of equities enable us to build portfolios based on common objectives such as high dividend, dividend growth, growth and aggressive growth.

Understanding that your portfolio holdings are congruent with your objective is very important to the long term success of your portfolio and our relationship.

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